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Board of directors

Chatib Sjarbaini


MBA, served as director at All Options until 2008. In 2001 he joined this Amsterdam-based market maker together with Allard Jakobs and Gert de Rover with the objective to grow. During his time at All Options he also served as director at All Capital from 2006 onwards, and was actively involved in setting up their venture capital activities. As of 1999 Chatib held the position of CFO at Stafford Trading Europe, a market maker in equity options with its base in Chicago to restructure its European business. Between 1996 and 1999 he held the position of COO at Extra Clearing, an ING Subsidiary. After graduating from the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam in 1991 he started his career at Arthur Andersen in the audit department, where he specialized in financial markets.



Bart van Leijen


Bart van Leijen is member of the managing board of the FOM-institute AMOLF. This institute performs leading fundamental scientific research in the field of nano technology, often in joint research programs with private partners. Bart graduated in 1995 in the field of organizational psychology at the University of Leiden and obtained a MBA in 2002 for the non-profit sector. Managing research institutes is the leitmotiv in his career. Before his employment at AMOLF he worked as institute manager at the Kavli Institute in Delft and director of operations of the science faculty of the TU Delft University. Within AMOLF, van Leijen is responsible for the overall management and valorization policy.



Gerrit-Jan Bolderman


Gerrit-Jan Bolderman studied law at the University of Leiden. From 1983 to 2000 he worked as a lawyer at Ekelmans Den Hollander. Hereafter, he was employed at Hogan Lovells and since 2006 has been active at the corporate law firm Bolderman de Meijer.

Gerrit-Jan was director at a large private equity institute for several years and was involded as non-executive director in multiple international pharmaceutic firms. He has been legal board counselor at an international financial institute and has fulfilled directorate functions in the social field.

Through 1&12 Ventures, he is involved in P2IP as investor and director of the valorisation partner of Nikhef and AMOLF.


arjen van rijn - foto uitsnede verbeterd

Arjen van Rijn


After obtaining his degree (M.D.) in 1988 at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Arjen van Rijn became involved in management in research and higher education. In 1994 he obtained a postdoctoral degree in Management Consultancy at SIOO. He was managing director of the faculty of Physics and Astronomy of the Vrije Universiteit (1995-1998) and of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science (1997-1998). In 1999 he joined Nikhef as institute manager. Extending on Nikhef’s strong computing tradition, he has been active in the development of the national e-infrastructure for research. He is Board member of (the European Grid Infrastructure organization) and serves as the Dutch delegate of the European e-Infrastructure Reflection Group.


Hendrik van Vuren

Hendrik van Vuren

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